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Teaching and Coaching

I offer private language coaching to help you reach your goals no matter what your target language is. This is an excellent resource for self guided language learners who are looking for for help setting goals and want to reach the next level on the way to fluency! I also offer individual English as a Foreign Language (EFL) courses. For prices, see below.  

The Details

What You're Getting


  • High quality English lessons with materials prepared and created by myself. I believe in teaching languages in the way I learn them myself, with lots of comprehensible input and a focus on speaking and listening

  • Lessons are highly personalized and we can focus on the topics you need and and your interests

  • The first lesson is for me to get to know you and determine your language level. No pressure, this just helps me figure out exactly where you need help!


  • In depth discussions about your language goals and the steps you can take to meet them

  • Gain insight into your problem areas regarding language learning and get targeted advice on how to overcome these obstacles

  • Highly personalized plans for achieving your goals and advice on goal setting

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